Hôtel Tuileries

Ghost Mirror and Endless View

The Hôtel Tuileries is based on the universe of Marie-Antoinette and her ‘favorites’. The Vibrant Project was asked to work on the concept of the ‘favorites’ and on two very specific objects.

The ‘Ghost Mirrors': three mirrors, craftmanshipped like in the 18th century. When passing by the mirror, an animated portrait of Marie-Antoinette appears like a gentle ghost.



The « Endless View » : thought a custom made french window, the hotel hall opens on the perpective of a digital trompe l’œil. The images where shot in 4K at the château de Breteuil, the castle which inspired Perrault for his fairy tales.



Le Peuple des Cours

Last summer, the Vibrant Project launched a brand new experience: get your own 3D figurine!



From July 2014 to January 2015, a 3D figurine was offered every day to a lucky visitor of the Cour Bleue of the BHV Marais L/Homme. The principle of the game was simple : Select an ‘elf’ (an inedit objet printed in 3D) by its character and its look. Each ‘elf’ is connected to an app on a tablet though an RFID-chip. The app on the tablet is an instant-win game. So the winner of the day could go directly to the 3D Studio close by and get his figurine done instantaneously.

elfes le peuple des cours
Any passerby could win it while enjoying a beautiful sheltered terrace in the heart of Paris.
Hundreds of figurines are unveiled in a special set that is fully conceived by The Vibrant Project. The whole scene reflects the BHV Marais’ look and feel.
3D printer


Bring Out Your Inner Character

MOÏMEE has developed proprietary 3D scanning, modeling and printing technologies, which make it now possible for anyone to get their portrait made in 3D. Moïmees are photo-realistic figurines 3D-printed at a size ranging from 6 to 17cm (2.36in to 6.7in).


Combining cutting-edge technology with a strong tradition of craftsmanship, MOÏMEE is a reminder of the Great Masters and commissioned portraitists historically found in this part of the world.


In addition to pioneering a new technology, MOÏMEE is radically changing the way we represent ourselves. While photos have become increasingly volatile with social media, Moïmees represent an augmented portrait. A Moïmee is a special kind of portrait—on that is tangible, timeless, and valuable.


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14 rue du temple, 75004 Paris

La Cour Bleue

La Cour Bleue, inside the BHV Marais L/HOMME Store, home to the first 3D Portrait Studio

As part of the BHV’s continued effort to reinvent itself, La Cour Bleue is the latest and certainly most surprising example of this transformative endeavor. By design, it is a place of gustatory pleasures, farniente and discovery of all kinds, which has quickly become a popular spot in the Marais.

The Vibrant Project was commissioned to create a universe of calm and innovation within the BHV Marais L/Homme which was opened to the public in May 2014.






Sponsor of the project is CITYNOVE, the real estate subsidiary of the Galeries Lafayette Groupe. In promoting the launch of the first 3D Portrait Studio, CITYNOVE achieves two strategic objectives. First, to familiarize passers-by with a new route in their neighborhood. Second, to develop the a location for its new shopping offer.



The Vibrant Project for Citynove, Paris 2014

Dynamic Sign

A e-paper signage specially designed for the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh

Facing the invasion of our cities with monitor based digital signage, The Vibrant Project began to think about different applications using electronic paper.
Electronic paper is an emerging technology including very low power consumption, thin profile and high resolution. Moreover it is a passive display technology with no direct light emission, hence very soft and discreet for users. The result is a dynamic display surface which really looks like paper!

Located in the City of Arles in the south of France (Provence), the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh is a very special museum centered of the famous Vincent Van Gogh who spent 15 months in the city of Arles, where he painted his finest masterpieces.

At the entrance of the Fundation, The Vibrant Project designed a beautiful signage, incrusted into the wall, embedding two 10 inches displays. The display can be remotely managed through a web interface allowing the content to be changed and scheduled.

Fondation Van Gogh - epaper

Fondation Van Gogh - portail

The Vibrant Project, for the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles, 2013.

Kenzo OZ Totem

A media clothes rack specially designed for Kenzo

This piece of furniture is exclusively designed in collaboration with Kenzo France.

It has already been installed in several stores :

  • Hong Kong New Yahoan Fashion
  • Shanghai L’Avenue
  • Shanghai IAPM
  • Dubai Mall Of Emirates
  • Abu Dhabi Sowwah Square
  • Hankyu Men’s Tokyo
  • Central Embassy Bangkok

Named OZ Totem, this object is part of the new Kenzo concept which will be deployed across the world in the next months.

This very special clothes rack embeds two ultra slim 46′ screens into a sharp anodized aluminum structure. It is produced in two different anodizing colors : “Peach” and “Dark Blue”.

its video content can be managed in a very simple way and from any place around the world through Internet.

OZ Totem @ Shanghai L’Avenue

Shanghai L'Avenue - Peach OZ Totem Paris Bastille - Dark Blue Prototype Shanghai L'Avenue - Blue OZ Totem

OZ Totem @ Dubai MOE

oz-dubai-1 oz-dubai-3 oz-dubai-2

The Vibrant Project, for Kenzo Paris, 2013.


A connected luminous path through the city of Arles (Provence)

The Tabaluz (intelligent lighting tablets) adorn the facades of city streets, replacing the doors of the electric cupboards of the ERDF. A clever installation with a design that seamlessly integrates the cityscape and invigorates otherwise meaningless street furniture. 40 of these tablets now draw a path for you to follow through the streets of the city.

Tabaluz are lit colored windows (made of woven optical fiber and LED materials), that deliver information to Arles residents and visitors. Created in collaboration with dynamic economic and cultural stakeholders of the city, the contents of each Tabaluz include QR codes, which are virtual gateways to rich online content (videos, sounds, games, pictures, 3D, cartoons, etc…) that can be accessed using smartphones or tablet computers (50% of internet connections in 2013).
Thanks to digital technology, new experiences are accessible: listen to the podcast of a concert playing that same evening, play and learn about current exhibitions, discover booksellers’ monthly favorites in video, access new views, participate in a giant treasure hunt, access audio tours, report on the accessibility of surrounding streets.
Walls become urban media outlets. People can surf hyper local info. Tourism is given a boost.

Partners : Arles / PACALABS / ERDF – GROUPE EDF / MP2013
Project : Les Sentiers Numériques is the first dynamic signage system, which combines lightblazing device and programmable communication displays.


Schema tabaluz

The Vibrant Project, for Arles (Provence) 2011.


Exclusive media environment in the middle of Paris

Interior Architecture for a 400 sq/m reception hall in Paris near Grand Boulevard.
36 55″ Samsung screens installed behind one-way mirrors creating an exclusive piece of architecture called “media column”.

Screens are manageable enabling to reprogram the overall ambiance of the place depending on the event.

Project realized in November, 2012.


BIOTHERM – Interactive Scenography

For Biotherm, we invented an immersive room allowing visitors to dive into the deep seas world.

In collaboration with BIOTHERM and VE-ART on their “Beauty From The Deep Exeperience”, The Vibrant Project created an immersive room allowing visitors to dive into the deep seas world.
This experience took place in several cities :
– Paris – Lyon – Marseille – Bordeaux – Lille

The installation consists in a dark room bathed in a blue ambiant light. At the back of the room, a big world map invite people to discover around the globe three different microorganisms.
Entering the room, each person is assigned an aquatic avatar represented by blue vibrant cells on a ground and a particular sound.
Moving accross the room, the avatar stay connected to his owner and moves with him.
When two or more group of cells are close enough they seems to merge in a bigger cell.
Sometimes, a cell separate itself from his owner to reach the world map, inviting the user to get closer of the world map.
In front of the map, on the ground, there are 3 halos of light. Entering into a light is the starting point of your journey…


VE-ART | Project Management
The Vibrant Project | Engineering / Interactive Design
Pascal Lengagne / Kirikoo Des | Sound Design
Julien d’Andon | Motion design

Vibrant Studio

A place of experience and exerimentation dedicated to media environments

Simultaneously show room, laboratory, gallery and unique tool for live creation.
It’s goal : to demonstrate and promote an exclusive and composite expertise

The VIBRANT STUDIO resides at the crossroads of a diverse array of highly integrated and complementary know-how: design, technology, materials, and content.

These various trades represent both creative and industrial actors have a commercial stake in working together towards a common goal.

The raison-d’être of the STUDIO is to essentially present, in a unique fashion, the VIBRANT EXPERIENCE concept, its partners, and its artwork.

Project : Different « mixed » techniques demonstrated live, bearing witness to the capacity to bring together diverse skills within a sole and unique project.

Location : Passage du Cheval Blanc, Place de la Bastille, Paris.




Particle System Library example.
This is a demo of realtime capabilities of the VPSL library.




Stunning LED banner inside the new GDF SUEZ lobby

For this project, we designed a LED banner using 38 HD LED modules.
The entire wall is made of frosted glass, hence the glass in front of the screens has been specialy designed with a frosted gradient.

The wall is sourced with exclusive content produced in collaboration with Antoine Carlier.

The Vibrant Project, for GDF SUEZ, Paris La Défense, 2011.

Moving showing the prototype, using a mix of medium and high LED resolution LED.

REMIX – 1 – Material / Lighting / Video

Location : Vibrant Studio

> Presentations on a given theme
> Targeted invitees, qualified and personalised rendez-vous
> Schedule of events
09.00 > 15.00 : Meetings by appointment
09.00 > 3.00.
15.00 > 18.00 : Open Space
18.00 > 20.30 : Buffet

+ Live shooting and online content.


Project : Concept house – All the surfaces interact with the occupant.
In that way, he could “script” the environment as he wishes.