Kenzo OZ Totem

A media clothes rack specially designed for Kenzo

This piece of furniture is exclusively designed in collaboration with Kenzo France.

It has already been installed in several stores :

  • Hong Kong New Yahoan Fashion
  • Shanghai L’Avenue
  • Shanghai IAPM
  • Dubai Mall Of Emirates
  • Abu Dhabi Sowwah Square
  • Hankyu Men’s Tokyo
  • Central Embassy Bangkok

Named OZ Totem, this object is part of the new Kenzo concept which will be deployed across the world in the next months.

This very special clothes rack embeds two ultra slim 46′ screens into a sharp anodized aluminum structure.┬áIt is produced in two different anodizing colors : “Peach” and “Dark Blue”.

its video content can be managed in a very simple way and from any place around the world through Internet.

OZ Totem @ Shanghai L’Avenue

Shanghai L'Avenue - Peach OZ Totem Paris Bastille - Dark Blue Prototype Shanghai L'Avenue - Blue OZ Totem

OZ Totem @ Dubai MOE

oz-dubai-1 oz-dubai-3 oz-dubai-2

The Vibrant Project, for Kenzo Paris, 2013.