Hôtel Tuileries

Ghost Mirror and Endless View

The Hôtel Tuileries is based on the universe of Marie-Antoinette and her ‘favorites’. The Vibrant Project was asked to work on the concept of the ‘favorites’ and on two very specific objects.

The ‘Ghost Mirrors': three mirrors, craftmanshipped like in the 18th century. When passing by the mirror, an animated portrait of Marie-Antoinette appears like a gentle ghost.



The « Endless View » : thought a custom made french window, the hotel hall opens on the perpective of a digital trompe l’œil. The images where shot in 4K at the château de Breteuil, the castle which inspired Perrault for his fairy tales.



La Cour Bleue

La Cour Bleue, inside the BHV Marais L/HOMME Store, home to the first 3D Portrait Studio

As part of the BHV’s continued effort to reinvent itself, La Cour Bleue is the latest and certainly most surprising example of this transformative endeavor. By design, it is a place of gustatory pleasures, farniente and discovery of all kinds, which has quickly become a popular spot in the Marais.

The Vibrant Project was commissioned to create a universe of calm and innovation within the BHV Marais L/Homme which was opened to the public in May 2014.






Sponsor of the project is CITYNOVE, the real estate subsidiary of the Galeries Lafayette Groupe. In promoting the launch of the first 3D Portrait Studio, CITYNOVE achieves two strategic objectives. First, to familiarize passers-by with a new route in their neighborhood. Second, to develop the a location for its new shopping offer.



The Vibrant Project for Citynove, Paris 2014

Dynamic Sign

A e-paper signage specially designed for the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh

Facing the invasion of our cities with monitor based digital signage, The Vibrant Project began to think about different applications using electronic paper.
Electronic paper is an emerging technology including very low power consumption, thin profile and high resolution. Moreover it is a passive display technology with no direct light emission, hence very soft and discreet for users. The result is a dynamic display surface which really looks like paper!

Located in the City of Arles in the south of France (Provence), the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh is a very special museum centered of the famous Vincent Van Gogh who spent 15 months in the city of Arles, where he painted his finest masterpieces.

At the entrance of the Fundation, The Vibrant Project designed a beautiful signage, incrusted into the wall, embedding two 10 inches displays. The display can be remotely managed through a web interface allowing the content to be changed and scheduled.

Fondation Van Gogh - epaper

Fondation Van Gogh - portail

The Vibrant Project, for the Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, Arles, 2013.

Kenzo OZ Totem

This piece of furniture has been exclusively designed in collaboration with Kenzo France.
Named OZ Totem, this object is part of the new Kenzo concept which will be deployed across the world in the next months. Continue reading



Interior Architecture for a 400 sq/m reception hall in Paris near Grand Boulevard.
36 55″ Samsung screens installed behind one-way mirrors creating an exclusive piece of architecture called “media column”.

Screens are manageable enabling to reprogram the overall ambiance of the place depending on the event.

Project realized in November, 2012.
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