Le Peuple des Cours

Last summer, the Vibrant Project launched a brand new experience: get your own 3D figurine!



From July 2014 to January 2015, a 3D figurine was offered every day to a lucky visitor of the Cour Bleue of the BHV Marais L/Homme. The principle of the game was simple : Select an ‘elf’ (an inedit objet printed in 3D) by its character and its look. Each ‘elf’ is connected to an app on a tablet though an RFID-chip. The app on the tablet is an instant-win game. So the winner of the day could go directly to the 3D Studio close by and get his figurine done instantaneously.

elfes le peuple des cours
Any passerby could win it while enjoying a beautiful sheltered terrace in the heart of Paris.
Hundreds of figurines are unveiled in a special set that is fully conceived by The Vibrant Project. The whole scene reflects the BHV Marais’ look and feel.
3D printer