Bring Out Your Inner Character

MOÏMEE has developed proprietary 3D scanning, modeling and printing technologies, which make it now possible for anyone to get their portrait made in 3D. Moïmees are photo-realistic figurines 3D-printed at a size ranging from 6 to 17cm (2.36in to 6.7in).


Combining cutting-edge technology with a strong tradition of craftsmanship, MOÏMEE is a reminder of the Great Masters and commissioned portraitists historically found in this part of the world.


In addition to pioneering a new technology, MOÏMEE is radically changing the way we represent ourselves. While photos have become increasingly volatile with social media, Moïmees represent an augmented portrait. A Moïmee is a special kind of portrait—on that is tangible, timeless, and valuable.


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14 rue du temple, 75004 Paris